Corporate Social Responsibility - Hangries

Hangries always contribute for the benefit of society

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) is a concept adopted by companies for the benefit of society; companies provide the required items to the needy ones from a portion of their profit. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development defines it as the commitment given by the businesses to contribute their share for economic development while ameliorating the quality of life of the workforce and their family. Hangries also contribute to Read More ...

Corporate Social Responsibility - Hangries

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is essential for company success

Hangries believes that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is essential for company success, and we are committed to the well-being of our customers, which includes our communities, employees, the environment, the value network, and partners. Hangries expects each employee to take personal responsibility for their job and to collaborate to achieve our sustainability objectives. Read More ...

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