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Hangries is all about dependable quality. Our main objective is to serve the freshest, tastiest, and most entertaining Chinese and Italian cuisine available. With a soft and chewy crust that perfectly balances off the healthy tomato puree and mozzarella - cheddar blended cheese, our classic pan pizza will always be a fan favorite. We offer our true Italian crust for those who want a light and airy crust to properly appreciate the toppings. We, on the other hand, deliver the best Chinese cuisine. Our newest sauce addition will astound you. Our recommendations for pairings may be useful. The fundamental characteristics of Chinese food, which are vibrant, are varied color, aromatic flavor, and exquisite taste.

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Why Choose Our Restaurant ?

Live Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant. What comes out of it (and how quickly it comes out) makes the dining experience for customers.

Pure Veg

Hangries is the best vegetarian Chinese and Italian restaurant, with unique and delectable cuisines.


Every event should be highlighted by delectable cuisine. Serving exquisite flavours paired with outstanding cuisine. Have a great time with delicious meals.

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